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An Interview with Dan Schwander, Owner of The Little Mahatma


1)      What do you want people (the community) to know about your business?


We celebrate the various cultures from around the world here in our shop.

2)      Why did you decide to set-up your business in OTR?


The previous owner, Gloria McConnaghy, moved the store from the Carew Tower Arcade after 18 years because of the potential OTR offered with all of the redevelopment. It appeared to be the center for Over-the-Rhine.


3)      Is there anything that surprised you about working or having a business in OTR?


The breadth of individuals that come to Over-the-Rhine during the day and evening, there is a constant influx of people from everywhere. The draw for this area has become regional.  People from Louisville and other places are coming because they have heard about Over-the-Rhine. It is becoming a destination.


4)      Do you have a favorite place you like to go in OTR? (Restaurant, bar, shop, place to exercise, theatre, etc.)


I like to just walk between Main and Race and take in everything. I go into shops and restaurants from there. There is a lot to discover, it’s best to be on foot to see it all.


5)      If you had a magic wand, what would you change in OTR?


I would change the misconceptions that people have of what OTR is and isn’t. It’s a wonderful, welcoming place to be and spend a lot of time.