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An Interview with Taren Kinebrew, Owner of Sweet Petit Desserts

What do you want people (the community) to know about your business?


We are stocked and ready to go. People can come in and place orders. We offer gift boxing and in-store gift wrapping. We will also offer parties for children. All of the parties will be customized, one of a kind and we will handcraft everything.  In addition to using real dishes & plates, there will be craft activities, such as making their own cupcakes, etc. The parties will be very interactive.


2)      Why did you decide to set-up your business in OTR?

I grew up in Cincinnati and I wanted to be in a neighborhood that supported small businesses. Over-the-Rhine is a great place for business owners like me. There isn’t any competition among business owners and it makes it great for everyone.


3)      Is there anything that surprised you about working or having a business in OTR?


No, not really. I had been looking in Over-the-Rhine for over a year. I loved seeing all of the changes and the restoration of historical buildings.


4)      Do you have a favorite place you like to go in OTR? (Restaurant, bar, shop, place to exercise, theatre, etc.)


I haven’t had a chance to visit all the other places yet. I know a few, though: Zula, Bakersfield, Sloane Boutique and Mannequin. I also love Substance.  All of our lighting was done by Switch. I’m sure we will eat and shop our way through the area. I love what everyone is doing. There is something for everyone.


5)      If you had a magic wand, what would you change in OTR?


I would love to see more beautification of the streets, more planters, decorations, etc.