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Interview with Kathleen Kern, Co-Owner, Churchill's Fine Teas

1)      What do you want people (the community) to know about your business?


We used to be on 4th Street and we had tea room at that location. We wanted to focus on tea and also on educating our customers. We spend a lot of time with our customers educating them about tea. We have 265 + teas from around the world.


2)      Why did you decide to set up your business in OTR?


We were at Findlay Market shopping and my daughter suggested that we move the store here. Once she said it, we knew it was where we wanted to be. We found this space and realized there wasn’t space for a tea room. That’s when we decided to change our focus. Findlay Market reminds me of London. Markets are a natural thing in London but here it is an exception.


3)      Is there anything that surprised you about working or having a business in OTR?


Everyone is so happy. People have made a conscience choice to be here. Our customers are unbelievable.


4)      Do you have a favorite place you like to go in OTR? (Restaurant, bar, shop, place to exercise, theatre).


We’ve been going to Salazar. When our children visit, we like to take them to new places they haven’t been to yet.


5)      If you had a magic wand, what would you change in OTR?

I don’t think I would change anything, especially not the atmosphere. I support the efforts that are being made in OTR. I also love the architecture. That’s one of the things I miss about England. I love looking up at the tops of buildings. The best features are always at the top of the building.