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Main Street Blocks: Part One!

As we celebrate the re-opening of Ziegler Park this week, the OTR Chamber will highlight its members who surround the park through blog postings and social media. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we'll feature a different block of Main Street and the businesses that surround that area. Our hope is that when you visit Ziegler Park you'll also pop into some of the surrounding local businesses for the ultimate OTR experience! Today we will highlight our members that have businesses near Main Street from Central Parkway through 13th Street.  

Central Parkway-13th Street Businesses:

Allez Bakery
1208 Main St.
This bakery came to OTR in 2017 with the motto "Real. Honest. Bread."  Allez Baker focuses on making sourdough bread, and sandwiches wrapped to go!

Brown Bear Bakery
116 E 13th St.
This OTR bakery produces "refined and rustic" treats will all natural products.  Brown Bear specializes in "thoughtfully made pastries and desserts."

GIA and the Blooms
114 E 13th St.
This local floral shop offers "elegant, carefully curated, and fresh from the garden" floral arrangements.  GIA and the Blooms sources all of their flowers locally.  

Goodfellas Pizza
603 Main St.
Goodfellas Pizzeria strives to bring you a slice of New York style pizza, right here in Ohio.  When it comes to their pizza, "size sure doesn't matter."

Longfellow Bar
1233 Clay St.
New to OTR in 2017, this horseshoe shaped bar specializes in craft cocktails. The bar is meant to create a small atmosphere for people to easily interact. 

Maracron Bar
1206 Main St. 
Macaron Bar is a bakery "dedicated to french macarons, with a carefully curated selection of coffees and teas."  They offer over 12 flavors of macarons for you to try. 

Reunion Clothiers 
1212 Main St.
Reunion Clothiers is a specialty, men's clothing serving up all the old and new trends!  You can also find this OTR native on Etsy.