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Main Street Blocks: Part Three!

As we celebrate the re-opening of Ziegler Park this week, the OTR Chamber will highlight its members who surround the park through blog postings and social media. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we'll feature a different block of Main Street and the businesses that surround that area. Our hope is that when you visit Ziegler Park you'll also pop into some of the surrounding local businesses for the ultimate OTR experience! Today we will highlight our members that have businesses near Main Street from 14th St-E Liberty!  

14th Street-E Liberty:

Amy Youngblood Interiors 
1420 Main St.
Amy Youngblood Interiors is a "modern, sophisticated, and unique" interior design studio on Main St. They specialize in home and business design, and always "design for you!"

Art Beyond Boundaries 
1410 Main St. 
This OTR art gallery works to promote awareness and understanding of artists with disabilities. The gallery gives artists with disabilities the ability to market their work so they can establish themselves in the Cincinnati art community. 

Boba Cha 
1606 Main Street 
This Main St. establishment serves up some of the best bubble tea in the city!  Boba Cha offers bubble soy milk tea, bubble milk tea, bubble tea, slush, snow, soy snow, smoothies, herbal tea, ice coffee and snacks!   

Brush Factory 
1417 Main St. 
Brush factory is a modern furniture store located on Main.  They build custom furniture and case goods for many of the restaurants, boutiques, and offices in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and beyond. 

Buzzed Bull Creamery
1408 Main Street
Handcrafted, boozy ice creams in imaginative flavor combinations in a trendy, industrial-chic space. All flavors can be buzzed or non-buzzed! 

Cincinnati Art Underground
1415 Main St.
Cincinnati Art Underground offers art by emerging contemporary artists that inspires your eye and engages your mind. They also offer private parties where they bring art to you! 

Liberty's Bar and Bottle 
1427 Main St. 
This bar is owned by three OTR residents that also duos as a craft beer and wine shop!  They offer over 100 bottles of wine for you to pick from!  

Ragg Addict
1416 Main St. 
Ragg Addict is a specialty, men's boutique located in OTR.  They offer everything from jeans and hats, to backpacks and accessories!  

Woodward Theater 
1404 Main St.
This music venue is nestled away on Main Street with live bands performing weekly.  The owners want the theater to excel the already blossoming music community in Cincinnati!



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